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Birthdate:Aug 9, 1979

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.hack, abandoned buildings, alternate universe, alternative history, ancient history, angels, animals, anime, bast, bleach, books, bump of chicken, cardcaptor sakura, castles, cats, cinema, classic rock, computer games, crossover fanfiction, crossovers, csi, cthulhu mythos, d.gray-man, dead space, dean/castiel, devil may cry, dragon age, dragonlance, dragons, dvds, dynasty warriors, egyptian mythology, enchanted arms, eyeshield 21, f.e.a.r, fan art, fanfiction, fantasy, final fantasy, flame of recca, fma, folklore, forests, foxes, full metal alchemist, gaara/rock lee, games, gay rights, ghost hound, ghost hunt, ghosts, godzilla, greek mythology, gundam wing, halloween, harry potter, harry/draco, haunted houses, higurashi, hikaru no go, hikaru/akira, history, horror, horror movies, house of leaves, ichigo/ishida, japan, kaworu/shinji, kaworu/shinji/ryoji, kingdom hearts, kittens, kyou kara maou, love, lycanthropy, maebara keiichi, magic, manga, matthew bartholomew, medieval, middle ages, monster movies, mori ranmaru, movies, murder mysteries, music, mythical beasts, mythical creatures, mythology, myths, naruto, nature, ncis, oda nobunaga, paranormal, persona 3, persona 4, pet shop of horrors, petshop of horrors, playstation, playstation 2, prince of tennis, raistlin majere, rats, reading, resident evil, ripley/hicks, rpg games, rpgs, samurai, samurai warriors, sci-fi, science fiction, science-fiction, sherlock holmes, shinsengumi, shounen-ai, silent hill, silent hill 3, slash, suikoden, supernatural, survival horror, tales of series, the howling, the last remnant, the three kingdoms, the vampire lestat, tiger and bunny, trudi canavan, urban fantasy, urban legends, vampire novels, vampires, video games, videogames, weiss kreuz, werewolves, wild arms, wildlife, wolves, xbox, xxxholic, yaoi, yellowcard, yu-gi-oh, yugioh, zhuge liang, zombies, zoos
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