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VME rewatch!!
I need to make some VME icons.
(Banner by [personal profile] piscaria - hmu if you want a discord invite.)

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Long weekend!

Apr. 22nd, 2019 03:29 pm
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Wooow I really needed these four days off, though on Friday morning I remembered the one thing I hadn't done on Thursday afternoon... here's hoping my brain can retain it that little bit longer and I can get through it tomorrow before the next avalanche of work drops. In the industry I work in, holiday weeks like this tend to be quieter for our team because the staff we service are dealing with more actual emergencies than usual, so here's hoping that pattern holds out and I can make some progress on the ever growing task list.

The replacement nibs for my tablet worked, though I feel a little bit guilty that they probably 3D printed three tiny little nibs for me on demand and shipped them from Shenzhen to Sydney in a comically oversized box freight free... I ended up picking it up from the courier's depot myself because it's closer to my workplace than it is to my house. But this means I have art posts!! I'm so lazy I'm just going to embed my tweets this time (ETA: sigh, embed fail).

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[personal profile] tielan came over for a visit at lunch which was lovely! (Partly because it forced us to clean the house, ahahahaaa....) T gifted us some very tasty-looking persimmons, I know we can just eat them raw but maybe I'll try this rice pudding. I'm glad we went for a quiet day in today, the other option was the Easter Show and J and I just weren't feeling it.

I'm pretty sure I'm going to buy my midlife crisis car this year. XD The model I'm eyeing is just your average family wagon, but part of my brain is piping up with "you work hard and spend so much time driving, surely you can level up a bit and get the sporty one..."


NSFW Apr. 19th, 2019 11:42 pm

Night on Fic Mountain 2019 Letter

Apr. 16th, 2019 09:56 pm
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Hello, my AO3 username is [ profile] pirotess and I'm glad we’ve been matched!

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New Guardian Vid: Fear of the Water

Apr. 14th, 2019 12:35 pm
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I promise next time to make a happy (okay, happier) Guardian vid. This is not that vid. This song came on the spotify station inspired by no_detective's playlist (thank you spotify algorithms) and I immediately stopped everything to listen to it three times in a row and knew I had to vid it (also immediately). Immediately actually took a while, but here it is. Thank you so so much to [personal profile] no_detective for brainstorming and to [personal profile] bonibaru for beta-ing.

Description: You're dislocated//Don't be like that//
And you smile when you dive in//Like you're never coming back

on A03
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VME rewatch!!

Sob it's been a long week so unwinding with this episode was... just nice.
(Banner by [personal profile] piscaria - hmu if you want a discord invite.)
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If you got all the way to the end but haven’t watched the series, join us!!!
Sentai Filmworks tends to move the official streams around - I started watching it on Crunchyroll and I’m sure I’ve seen it on Netflix at one stage - but right now it’s available on Amazon Prime, Hidive and AnimeLab (AU/NZ),or you can buy the Blu-Ray in English from The Right Stuf (US) or Madman (AU).


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